Ghosts lurked in 'houses, always old and mostly old fashioned, barns, lanes, the moated sites of old manor-houses, "four-want-ways" or the place of intersection of two cross-roads, churchyards, suicides' graves - which were spoken of, dreaded, avoided after nightfall, as being "haunted" - Atkinson 1814 -1900

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire

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OH NO 'It's raining!', 'It's OK, you can borrow my jacket'... 'I look like a right pillock, it's ten times too bloody big for me, I hope nobody I know sees me in it! Oh you will be reight ;)
A Grieving Ghost at Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire, England

Nunnington Hall, on the banks of the River Rye, has long had a reputation of being haunted by the proud Lady of Nunnington. There were many reported sightings of her ghost gliding through the rooms and ascending the staircase, accompanied by the sound of rustling from her silk dress.

Nunnington Hall, The National Trusts #7 Most Terrifying Haunted House

We arrived at Nunnington Hall in the pouring rain and ran at some speed to the house to take cover. After recieving a warm welcome on our arrival, we were met with a dark and ominous interior which was quite unwelcoming, dead horned beasts peered down at us from all angles. We accended the grand sweeping wooden staircase to see what ghosts lurked in this omnious pile. We visited each room in turn all very nice and cosy, then I ventured into the panelled room, a bedroom that has seen alleged paranormal activity and I met up with a national trust employee, I introduced myself  he was quite interested and was very willing to tell me about his own personal experiences whilst working at Nunnington Hall. 

Nunnington Hall Dining Room Nunnington Hall Drawing Room

One evening when the house was quiet and still, he and another fellow employee felt a very cold draught, 'it was in the minuses' he explained, we couldn't find the source of the cold spot, we checked everywhere for a logical explanation, it was very odd, to this day he hasn't been able to figure it out. he also recounted what a visitor saw, a hazy figure of a woman walking right through the wood panels in this bedroom.

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